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FreeFall Youth


The initial movement of a skydiver before using any type of drag device; ie: a parachute.

FreeFall is our weekly Youth Ministry for all students (grades 6th-12th). At FreeFall, a team of dedicated leaders is here to provide an atmosphere that encourages students to connect with Jesus Christ in a way that is faith-filled and unhindered; no drag devices. This is also a time for teenagers to relax from the pressures of life and yet learn how to face them.The leaders at FreeFall are passionate about raising up the students to be Godly leaders for the next generation…now!

What Should I Expect?

At FreeFall you can expect to feel accepted and part of a really cool group from the second you walk into the Alley. The Alley is our space designed just for you. It’s a place to hang out with friends as we worship God together and receive some really down-to-earth, Bible-based teaching. Everything we talk about is age-appropriate and relevant for the students of today and leaders of tomorrow.

When you come to FreeFall, you will find the sign-in station and adult leaders who will be able to answer any questions that you have. There will be time for games, Worship and the Word. FreeFall is also a supporter of Speed The Light (STL). Any amount that the students would like to contribute to STL is welcomed. Click on the STL image below to learn more about our missionaries and how we can help Speed The Light.

Click HERE for more information about STL (Speed the Light)

Who, When and Where?

Ages 11 – 17 or 6th – 12th Grade

Guys & Girls 6th – 12th Grade

Wednesday Nights 6:45pm – 8:15pm


Location:  Central Family Worship Center

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