Open Eyes Open Future


1 – What is Open Eyes Open Future?

Open Eyes Open Future is an investment opportunity that all attendees of Central Family Worship Center have the privilege to be a part of. We realize the importance of increasing the physical stability and generational relevance of our facility to ensure its use for all current and future ministry endeavors. Funds that are raised during Opens Eyes Open Future will be used to make many needed repairs and updated enhancements to our facility.

2 – How does a Pledge work?

A Pledge can be made by obtaining a Pledge Card from any of the Church Leadership as well as from the cards that are available on the Open Eyes Open Future table; the completed Pledge cards can then be given in the Sunday Offering. Separate from a person’s 10% donation (tithe) to CFWC, the pledges are designed to be a weekly donation to the “Open Eyes”. Weekly donations will generate momentum in this project as well as ensure that we have funds readily available while we work with contractors to make improvements. There are several weekly pledge amounts to choose from: $5, $10, $20 and $40. Over a one year period of time, each of these amounts will equate to a certain number of squares being filled on the Open Eyes Open Future Display Board. $5 given weekly will fill one square after one year, $10 weekly = 2 squares, $20 weekly = 4 squares and $40 weekly = 8 squares. Personal contributions will not be given out to anyone else. For inquiries, as to your individual contributions, we ask that you please carefully track what you give each week or you may also ask the Church Treasurer, Gary Timmer, who may be able to assist you in finding your total contributions. These numbers will also be included in the total of your end-of-year giving statements.Though there are predetermined amounts on the Pledge cards to expedite this endeavor, you are not limited to those amounts but are welcome to give as generously as you are able to. Every dollar makes a difference!

3 – What is a Square and how are they filled?

As you look at the building diagram on the Open Eyes Open Future board, you will notice that each room is labeled and divided into lightly outlined Squares with each individual Square representing $260.00. The Grand Total of weekly donations to the “Open Eyes” are given to one of the Church leaders for figuring the number of Squares that should be filled. For every $260.00 given (as a church), a square will be filled in. Our hope is to see at least one Square filled per week!

4 – How many Squares are there?

There are 969 Squares on the board. However, in order to have round numbers on the pledge cards, we have used *970 squares to calculate the *figures.*figures are stated in FAQ #5

5 – How much money will be raised?

With the current amount of $260 per Square multiplied by *970 Squares, we will have a total repair/renovation budget of $252,200. This budget should provide us with the ability to make some very expensive repairs and some justifiable updates such as: Parking Lot($30,000+), roof (40,000-60,000), flooring throughout ($30,000), replace drop ceilings, finished walls instead of paneling and update bathrooms ($100,000+). This budget also provides a cushion for any unknowns as we start renovations.

6 – What will happen to any money left over?

Any remaining funds will be applied to the principle of the church mortgage to speed up the time frame of being Debt Free!

7 – Does this building warrant this investment?

There are two answers to this question. The first is, absolutely…yes. There are several urgent repairs that need to be addressed such as leaks, shingles that are falling off the roof and a parking lot that is sinking. If these are ignored, we will potentially be faced with more costly repairs in the future from damage that is caused due to the neglect of these issues. Another reason for this investment is the location of the building. We are in the heart of Coopersville. Being centrally located is fantastic and convenient for people all over the community. We want this building to shine and to show that we care about the “message” that is being spoken in it and coming out of it. We need to take measures now to improve the stability, appearances well as the historical nature of this building, built over 150 years ago.

The second answer is not “no” but rather “what if?”. What if God blessed Central Family Worship Center with property or a new facility in Coopersville…debt free? If this was to happen, we would reevaluate any further renovations and conserve the funds for the new facility. At this time though, we believe that God’s favor is upon this church and our plans to improve this facility and build the Kingdom Of God at 247 Church St,  Coopersville, MI.

Thank you for your contribution!